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Breakfast - Box 

Country House

Fresh milk

from Margherita Loncrini Farm


from Margherita Loncrini Farm


from Lenotti  Farm

Fresh yoghurt

from Margherita Loncrini Farm


Breakfast of Corte Patrizia

Go local - avoid wastes - choose quality and freedom 


You are free to wake up when you wish.

Is a pic-nic breakfast and the breakfast box can be picked up from 7:30 am, then you can have breakfast when you want....


You can consume the breakfast where you wish: in your apartment, on the terrace, in the garden, in the common room, at the pool... where you want 

Schermata 2019-02-21 alle 16.28.25.png


Coffe cups and the/Tisane

Home made cakes daily

Fresh fruit

Bread at your disposal

The box where you will find your breakfast every morning  

Free snack in the common room 

In the common room you gonna find all the day the Nespresso Cups ( you have your private coffe machine in your apartment ) some the and tisane, a home made cake, eggs and fresh fruit  

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